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SIA Dental offers custom-made sports mouthguards.
Sports injuries to the teeth are very common and our team has treated several children with sports-related dental injuries. A custom-made protective mouthguard can prevent or minimise these dental injuries, which may have lifelong consequences.

Anyone who participates in impact sports, ranging from low impact sports such as soccer and basketball, to high impact sports such as AFL and taekwondo, should wear a mouthguard.

Without a mouthguard, you risk impact to your teeth during sports, which may result in chipped teeth, knocked-out teeth or even injuries to your jaw bone.

How are sports mouthguards made?

At SIA Dental, our dentists will first assess your suitability for a sports mouthguard. They will assess your needs, nature of sport and history of any sports-related injuries. Our dentists will then take a record of your teeth, which will then be sent to a local laboratory (Proform Australia) for it to be made. All mouthguards are handmade and made with the highest quality materials. As the sports mouthguards are custom-made, they are more comfortable and more likely to be worn during sports.

How are custom designed and fitted mouthguards better than store purchased mouth guards?

Our custom mouthguards are constructed from an accurate mould of your teeth and jaw. On the other hand, store purchased mouthguards may not be fully customised to your teeth and may not provide the best fit and protection.

Compared to store purchased mouthguards, our custom mouthguards

  • Offer superior protection due to better strength and fit
  • Are more resistant to breaking
  • Are Odourless, tasteless and non-bulky
  • Cause minimal interference to speaking, breathing and overall sporting performance

Can my custom designed mouthguard be personalised?

Yes! You can choose the one or more colours on your mouthguard. We can even engrave your name on it.

How do I care for my mouthguard?

Caring for your mouthguards is quick and easy. Your mouthguard should be cleaned after each wear to ensure no bacteria accumulates.

  • Clean your mouth guard in warm soapy water after each wear
  • Store your mouthguard in the plastic protector case, this case has holes in it to allow your mouthguard to dry and prevent bacteria growth
  • Do not leave your mouthguard in direct sunlight or heat, this includes leaving it in your car on a hot day
  • Do not chew on the edges of your mouth guard as this could alter its shape or cause it to fit incorrectly and reduce its effectiveness.


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