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Dental Fillings Essendon

Dental fillings are placed to restore the function and aesthetics of teeth. They can be used to repair teeth that are broken down by dental decay or trauma, back to its original shape. They can also be used to improve the look of teeth to give a brighter, whiter smile!

Do I need a dental filling?

Our dentists at SIA Dental will perform a thorough general dental checkup at your initial visit to determine if dental fillings are required. Sometimes, a dental filling is required as assessed during an emergency dental visit. We will then discuss your specific procedure with you and advise the time, cost and risks involved with your treatment.

What does the dental filling procedure involve?

  1. Local anaesthesia – Depending on the complexity of the dental filling procedure, local anaesthesia may be applied to ensure comfort throughout your procedure
  2. Tooth decay removal – Our dentists will then remove all debris and tooth decay, and prepare the tooth for dental filling placement
  3. Filling placement – The tooth surface is then treated with a safe chemical and the tooth-coloured filling matching the natural shade of your tooth is then placed with care.
  4. Polishing – Once placed, the dental filling is shaped and smoothed to mimic the original shape of your tooth. Special polishers are used to give the tooth a bright shine.
How long does it take to place a dental filling?

The time required for the dental filling procedure depends on several factors:

  • Size and extent of dental decay
  • Size of tooth required to be repaired
  • Position of tooth within your jaw
  • Complexity of case and the need for additional procedures such as pin placement
How much do dental fillings cost?

The cost of dental fillings vary depending on:
● Size of the filling
● Position of tooth to be restored in your mouth (i.e. front or back tooth)
● Material used for the filling (E.g. composite resin, gold or ceramic)
● Whether additional procedures are required (E.g. cusp reinforcement, pin placement, dental pulp capping)

What does the dental filling materials contain?

At SIA Dental, we use beautiful tooth-coloured filling materials containing composite resins. Composite resins come in different tooth-coloured shades to match your teeth and provide a natural appearance. We also offer filling materials containing amalgam, however this is rarely used at our practice. Our dentists will discuss your options prior to your dental filling appointment.

In some cases, where a large portion of the tooth has been lost, we may recommend fillings made from porcelain or gold

The team at SIA Dental look forward to working with you to achieve great dental health.

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