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At SIA Dental, we are committed to attending to emergency dental problems on a timely basis. We understand unexpected dental pain can arise and can interrupt your daily life. 

We allocate specified slots purely for emergency dental problems. Please call us on (03) 9289 3999 to find out more. Alternatively, you may search for an available appointment on our online HealthEngine page.

At your emergency dental visit, our dentists will:

  • Ask a range of questions to determine the history of your problem
  • Perform a range of tests to diagnose the problem
  • Offer a range of treatment options, costs and risks, specific to your dental problem
  • Perform the required dental treatment to alleviate the dental pain

Sometimes, we are not able to accommodate additional patients due to demand and availability. However, we may be available to accommodate you for a pain assessment and offer temporary solutions for pain relief. We will then reschedule you at the next available appointment for more comprehensive treatment. 

We recommend a bi-annual or annual general dental checkup to reduce the chances of needing an emergency dental visit. Many common dental problems are preventable at an early stage.


Knocked out tooth? First aid for avulsed teeth

If a tooth is knocked out, make sure it is a permanent tooth,

  • If the tooth is dirty, hold the tooth by the crown and wash it under cold running water for 10 seconds
  • Attempt to replant the tooth if possible and bite on tissues to hold it in position

If uncertain if the tooth is a primary (milk) tooth or permanent tooth, or if not possible to replant,

  • Place tooth in a glass of milk or in their own saliva. There may be a storage medium for the tooth which may be in your nearest first aid kit.
  • Seek emergency dental treatment immediately

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Dental infection, abscess, swelling?

  • Consult a Dentist immediately to determine the cause of the symptoms or swelling
  • Over the counter pain relief medications may alleviate the symptoms – please consult your Pharmacist
  • If unable to see a Dentist immediately, please visit your General Medical Practitioner (GP)
  • If there are signs of infection spread resulting in difficulties breathing and swallowing, visit the hospital immediately

The team at SIA Dental look forward to working with you to achieve great dental health.

To make an appointment please visit our HealthEngine booking page or contact our friendly team who will advise of the next available appointment that meets your needs.
Our state-of-the-art dental suites are located within the SIA Medical Centre in Essendon, just 20 minutes from the city, and easily accessible by public transport, with parking available on site.


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