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What are dental implants?

Dental implants and crowns are a fixed tooth replacement option, replacing one or more missing teeth. They are a clear alternative to dentures or bridges. Dental implants involve a minor surgical procedure involving the placement of a titanium implant in your jaw, followed by a porcelain crown that attaches to the implant.

Dental implants and crowns look and function like natural teeth. Unlike dentures, you will not experience teeth movements when chewing or talking, and will not require additional maintenance apart from the usual brushing and flossing. And unlike dental bridges, your adjacent natural teeth will not need to be adjusted.

What does the dental implant process involve?

Our dentists at SIA Dental will first perform a thorough general dental checkup and assess your specific needs for teeth replacement. We will then arrange for a 3-D X-ray picture, which will provide more information on the amount of bone available in your jaw. This will also allow our dentists to assess the complexity of your treatment and associated fees.

Once the 3-D X-ray picture if reviewed, we will prepare a surgical report which will outline the treatment procedure, sequence and timeframe. We will also fabricate a surgical guide, which will be used during the procedure to place the dental implant accurately, efficiently and safely.

The dental implant is placed in-chair under local anaesthesia. A single implant placement normally takes approximately 30-40 minutes depending on the procedures required for the case. The dental implant is then covered and allowed to integrate with your bone for 3 months.

Once integrated, the dental implant is uncovered and a mould of your teeth is taken. These moulds are sent to our local dental ceramist who then fabricates a porcelain crown to attach to the dental implant. This process takes 2 weeks and the fitting of the implant crown takes just 15 minutes.

3-D X-rays allows visualisation of important structures around the implant site, potential implant placement (to scale) and volume of bone

A typical dental implant and crown case performed at SIA Dental Essendon involving the replacement of a chewing tooth:
Dental implant placed in jaw to replace a back tooth
Crown fitted onto implant 3 months later
Screw access hole is covered and dental implant is now ready for function

What are dental implants and the crown made of?

Dental implants that are placed within bone are usually made of Pure Titanium (Grade 4). Depending on the implant crown design and structure, the crown may be made of a metal alloy structure and porcelain (lithium disilicate or zirconia).

How do I know if dental implants are right for me?

  • Pre-existing medical conditions, medications and allergies
  • Current dental status – health of existing teeth and availability of space to fit additional teeth
  • Current gum health – presence (or history) of any gum disease
  • Lifestyle factors such as smoking may compromise the success of treatment
  • Availability of bone at potential implant site


How much are dental implants?

The cost of dental implants and crowns at SIA Dental depend on the complexity of case. Factors that influence the cost involves the position of implant in the jaw, amount of bone available, whether additional procedures are required (such as bone graft and sinus lift) and the type of material required to fabricate the implant crown. At SIA Dental, the fees for a dental implant and crown starts from $3,500. We use genuine components for the placement of both the dental implant and crown and our dentists are committed to providing a high standard of care.

Why are dental implants so expensive?

At SIA Dental, we utilise dental implants from leading brands, source genuine components and do not compromise on quality. We believe high quality products coupled with thorough treatment planning allows for best possible treatment outcome. Our intention is to maximise the longevity of your treatment. Our porcelain dental implant crowns are handmade and hand-painted to an exceptional standard by our local dental ceramist.

The team at SIA Dental look forward to working with you to achieve great dental health.

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